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About Serpukhov CCI

Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce (SerpCCI) is a private, non-commercial organization that has been established in 1994 to promote all forms of business activities in the Southern Moscow Region.

The commercial and non-profit organizations, individual entrepreneurs and business associations are able to become members of the SerpCCI.

All members of the SerpCCI are ipso facto members to the CCI RF.

The SerpCCI takes a strong stand in the business area of Serpukhov region.

To serve on the SerpCCI is prestigious and profitable.

Connections, contacts, support and friendly advice are guaranteed. Professional consultants, particular specialists will answer on a wide range of questions regarding the certification, licensing, copyright, credit policy, or even business planning.

The Chamber provides access to the latest information on legislation, exhibitions, inter-regional and international partnership.

The SerpCCI is a a powerful leverage for sales promotion and great opportunity to enter into new markets.

Members of the the SerpCCI are better protected from the administrative pressure.

All members have 20% discount on all services rendered by the SerpCCI.

Finally, in communion and union appears recognition, that industrialists and entrepreneurs – are the real power.

Join the SerpCCI! Get profit!

Primary objectives of the SerpCCI:

1. Creation of favourable conditions for business activity in the Serpukhov region

2. Development of business and private relations with the entrepreneurs of the region. Effective assistance to the members of the SerpCCI.

3. Establishment of trade-economic and scientific-technical relations with business communities in other regions and foreign business organizations.

4. Internal modernization of the SerpCCI.