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History of the Serpukhov CCI


There is nothing permanent under the moon, we live in a changeable world, where the centuries revolves and public institutions raised and then passed into nothingness.

Chambers of Commerce came through many changes but still remained valid - increasing its power, Chamber gave a way to explorer new horizons of civilization. The world's first Chamber of Commerce appeared in France over 400 years ago. Since the beginning of time, Mercury revered by the merchants as a god of commerce (in the Greek world, Mercury, Hermes match). At present golden Mercury's caduceus is a symbol that chambers of commerce and industry on all continents use in their day-to-day activities - resolve disputes between business competitors, and disputed between businesses and authorities in Arbitrational court.

The activity of the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce fully supports the implementation of these functions and solves many other problems.

How it started?

... In 1994, group of successful people from Serpukhov, Serpukhov District, Pushchino and Protvino created a non-profit organization - Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce. The SerpCCI brings a voluntary to Russian commercial, non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs to realize goals mentioned in RF Law "On Chambers of Commerce in the Russian Federation" and the Charter of the Chamber

The SerpCCI is a legal entity, which is included in a system of Chambers of Commerce of the Russian Federation as a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and the Chamber of Commerce of Moscow region.

During the period of formative stage, the main aims were to approve a staff and to elect governing bodies - the President of the Board, the Audit Commission.

Novikov became the first president of the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce. He led the organization for 10 years. Under his leadership the Chamber became necessary element of market relations. Since that time, the SerpCCI have been providing assistance to entrepreneurs for already 17 years. Today we can say that the SerpCCI is a strong business support of the Southern Moscow region.

There were 28 members of the SerpCCI by November 1995. The main valuable tendency of that year was the effective work on the development of small and medium businesses, conducted with a large-scale outreach to search documents for businesses.


This was the period of enlarging members and creation of the SerpCCI budget and, more importantly, human capacity for the production of business services.

In 1995 the administration of Protvino town was incorporated in the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce. The same year, the Board of the SerpCCI decided to open a branch of the Chamber in Protvino. In 1996 chamber included 11 companies and organizations.

At a meeting of the SerpCCI members, held in April 1996, was summed the results of the first years. At that time chamber incorporated 37 enterprises and organizations. Representatives of the Chambers of Commerce in Russia and Moscow region attended the meeting. The agenda was "Perspectives of Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce."

The structure of the executive body of the Chamber was formed in accordance with the decisions of the meeting and composed 10 staff members and 1 freelancer. Expert personnel training started. The first two officers were training at CCI RF. Then, it was decided to create the Court of Arbitration and cooperate with customs posts and terminals – things set going.

By the end of 1996, the SerpCCI offered 7 types of different services and entered into the Chamber of the Moscow region.


It was the first time, when three-power treaty between administration, trade unions and SerpCCI employers' association was signed.

Meeting to hear reports and elect new officials was held in May.Vladimir Novikov,the president of SerpCCI and Askhat Nurullin were reaffirmed.

The Board and the Audit Commission of the SerpCCI was elected.

In 1999, the Court of Arbitration accepted for review 9 cases and rendered decisions on 16 cases.

Three specialists from the SerpCCI passed advanced training courses.

By the end of the year the SerpCCI included 54 members.


This year started with working and approving the SerpCCI program in the fourth stage. Two enterprises entered the SerpCCI as a member.

The structure of the SerpCCI assigned Logistic division, examination and certification department, Protvino branch of the SerpCCI, legal department, entrepreneurial development department, representative office of the SerpCCI in Chekhov district. Four specialists from the SerpCCI passed advanced training courses.

Three workshops on legal issues and strategy development were held.

In 1999, the Court of Arbitration accepted for review 7 cases and rendered decisions on 6 cases. Four meetings of the Board of the SerpCCI were held. By the end of the year the SerpCCI included 54 members.


Economic development in the country led to increasing in foreign economic relations of enterprises and organizations and sales of products in foreign markets of our region. As a result, the volume of services increased in 1.4 times.

There were 16 enterprises of textile and consumer industry (members of the the SerpCCI) who decided to create a guild headed by Beskin, general Director of «Khimvolokno»


Interest to the Chamber significantly increased during that period. In 2003, the Chamber included 34 enterprises, organizations and private entrepreneurs. General Director of "KVAR" Yuri Matveev was elected as a new President of the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce in 2003.Yuri headed 11 meetings of the Board and 10 meetings of the Presidium of the SerpCCI during two years.

The range of Chamber services was significantly expanded. Income from the activity over 2 years increased by almost in a half. It gives great opportunity to start serious work on the informational activities of the Chamber.There were created: web site www.serptpp.ru , monthly "Bulletin of the SerpCCI, local computer network and initiated computer re-equipment. Range of business organizations used services of the SerpCCI outgrowned the borders of the southern Moscow region.

In general, speaking about the results of that 10-years period, it should be noted that the SerpCCI became one of the essential elements of the infrastructure market, uniting leading producers and entrepreneurs of the southern Moscow region, who managed to build a broad network of clients with necessary material, manufacturing base and staff – solid foundation for solving the constitutional issues.


In 2008, the SerpCCI appealed to Moscow regional Duma with application regarding increasing instalment upon redemption of municipal property and grant this right. Problems remained at the local level - the Administration and the Board of Deputies were inaccessible in "small privatization" issues and privatization still was proceeding on unfavourable conditions. Taking part in resolving the problem of unjustified cost increasing of the municipal lease became the momentous event of 2008.

The result was the abolition of raising coefficients, but rate still remained high.

The SerpCCI took 8th place among the 28 Chambers of Moscow Region on total sales of services revenue in 2008.


The SerpCCI celebrated the 15th anniversary of the foundation. Good round date was the reason to implement an information strategy, aimed to show public the nature and results of the Chamber.

The crisis of 2008 was progressing in 2009. Nevertheless, the Chamber carried out the main activities, such as protecting the interests of small businesses, develop new and perspective areas of work and services, looking for ways to save the industry in the region, finding business lending for businesses and entrepreneurs. In that difficult year, the SerpCCI increased its capacity. In 2009, the necessity of involving the Chamber in formation of small and medium businesses was admitted.


2010 is a reporting year of the Chamber's activities for the period 2007-2010. The work associated with the analysis of activity for this period was generally satisfactory. Revenue growth was 60% over past 4 years.

The point is that the Chamber managed to survive during the economy crisis.

2011 year

A new stage in the history of the SerpCCI.

By the decision of General meeting of the SerpCCI Members, Yakushev Anatoly has been elected to the presidency of the SССI, held on 15, March 2011. He proposed an innovative special-purpose President and Board programme of the SerpCCI. This document is based on the law of the CCI, consultation with the members and the superior chambers in direct involvement of the Board members and Chamber staff.

Primary objectives of the SerpCCI are:

Creation of the significant opportunities for the entrepreneurial activity in the Serpukhov Region: government relations of business in legislative authorities at all levels; effective interaction with the executive authorities;

Development of business and personal relationships between entrepreneurs of the region: informational support for the SerpCCI members, which leads to personal acquaintance and will certainly become a catalyst for joint projects and creation of business relations, modernization and promotion of a website;

Establishment of the trade-economic and scientific-technical relations with companies from other regions and foreign partners: readiness of the SerpCCI to interregional and international cooperation and assistance to municipalities in involment investments to the region.

Internal modernization of the SerpCCI: getting a balance between the governing bodies of the SerpCCI, increasing in social component, propaganda and creation a positive public image of the Chamber.

Key principles of the program are realistic, achievable goals in a concrete time frame and, of course, responsibility.

Over the years, the SerpCCI firmly took its place in the socio-economic infrastructure of the region.

Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce is ready to cooperate with all interested organizations. We can provide a wide range of services to entrepreneurship newcomers and those who are looking for access to international and domestic markets of the country.