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Arbitration court


The Arbitration Court operates before Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce. Its competence is to resolve all disputes within the jurisdiction of commercial courts, arising out of civil legal relations, unless otherwise provided by the federal law.

The Arbitration Court is operating under the Arbitration Procedure Code and Federal Law of the Russian Federation on Arbitration of July 24, 2002.

A right to petition the Court of Arbitration belongs to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs appealing to resolve disputes within the SerpCCI in case of an agreement referred to a submission to the Arbitration.

Procedure of the Arbitration Court before the SerpCCI is determined by its Regulations and Rules.

Each case admitted to examination raise a rate of 1% from the amount of the claim, but not less than 5,000 rubbles.

Parties shall be involved in composition proceedings for reviewing each dispute. The dispute can be viewed collectively or individually by an arbitrator (by the decision of parties).

The composition of the list of arbitrators shall include qualified legal professionals with an impeccable business reputation. The composition of the Court of Arbitration before the SerpCCI includes fourteen arbitrators, including the chairman of the Arbitration Court - Irina Dergacheva.

Duration of reviewing a dispute shall take no longer than 60 days.

The arbitration proceeding shall be based on the principles of legality, privacy, independence and impartiality of arbitrators, as well as on the disposition, adversarial and on equal basis.

The arbitration court has a right to adopt interlocutory injunction.

A decision made by the Arbitration shall be final and binding on the parties. The Parties under an arbitration agreement shall accept the responsibility of voluntary execution of the decision. The arbitration is fully committed to enforce the decision.

In case a decision is not executed voluntarily, it shall be enforced in according with the rules of enforcement proceedings, based on a writ of execution issued by Commercial Court to enforce the decision of Arbitration court.

Executive secretary of the Court of Arbitration is Elena Bugaeva.

The Court of Arbitration is located in Russian Federation,Moscow reg., Serpukhov, pervaya Moskovskaya street, 28 (2nd floor)