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Serpukhov is located in the southern part of the Moscow region on the Nara river near where it flows into the Oka river 99 km from Moscow and 76 km from the Moscow Ring Road. It is 30 km to New Moscow.


The head of the city - Pavel Zalesov
A total of 126,600 people live in Serpukhov.
The overall area is 37.5 sq. km.
255 sq. km— area designated for industrial development;
179 sq. km — area designed for residential housing
72.1 sq. km — area designed for public buildings.


Main companies:

• "Mareven Food Central" LLC Fast food products under "Rollton" trademark
• "Milk Products" LLC from the suburbs of Moscow Makes dairy products
• "APF VIFITEH" JSC produces pharmaceutical products
• "AF Obolensky" JSC produces and packages non-sterile solid dosage tablets, coated tablets, and capsules.
• "National Biotechnology" JSC produces genetically engineered insulin
• "Ratep" JSC PRODUCES radio and electrical appliances
• "Keramzit" CJSC produces mud powder for drilling and waterproofing
• "Elastomer" CJSC manufactures latex for medical purposes
• "Uzdenplast" LLC manufactures plastic products
• "Vintek Plastic" LLC produces PVC for windows
• "Vitra Tiles" LLC Makes ceramic tiles and porcelain
• "Kalegrupp" LLC ceramic tile and dry mixes
• "Rumako" holding re-processes vegetable fats
A total of roughly 800 companies and organisations operate in the city of Serpukhov.

Most residents work in the industry (88.8% of total production).


One of the priority areas for the city is tourism. There are many sights to see in Serpukhov. There is a men's and women's monastery, the Nikola Bely Cathedral and numerous churches along with the Serpukhov historical and art museum. Serpukhov's ancient centre, the Gathering Hill, is located where the Serpeika and Nara rivers merge. Fragments of white stone walls of the city's fortress have remained intact and there is a Trinity Cathedral with a branch of the historical and art museum.


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The Serpukhov rail station is located 101 km from Moscow (in the direction towards Kursk).
Also, motorway M2 (E105) "Crimea" and highway A 108 Moscow outer ring are nearby. The federal highway M4 (E115) "Don" and M3 (E101) "Ukraine" are relatively close to the city.
Additionally, there is an active river port which transports passengers around the suburbs. Also, sand and gravel are extracted and supplied to companies in the Moscow, Kaluga and Tula regions. The Oka river is navigable and cargoes can be shipped along the Volga-Baltic river pathway.


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