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Exhibitions, presentations

The SerpCCI regularly arranges fairs in the Southern region of Moscow These are market-based activities presented basic goods and services of one or more branches for a limited period of time.

The SerpCCI provides a full range of services to delegations from other cities or countries within arranging of presentations. It includes program of a visit, accommodation in hotels, catering, leisure, cultural events, business meetings and negotiations.

Conducting "round tables" before the SerpCCI is an excellent opportunity to discuss current problems and issues. The "round table", which is located in the premises of the SerpCCI, will gather representatives of several parties (up to 16 people) and a debate on "neutral territory".

Webinar or online seminar is a kind of web conference, created to conduct online meetings or presentations with the help of the Internet in real-time mode. First of all, Webinar is a successful new business tool and training for members, which enlarge the profession, education and communication.

Webinar allows attending online seminars and consultations with specialists from all over the world without leaving their hometown. For teachers this is an opportunity significantly expand the audience of listeners, who can ask for help and additional information at any time, working together to solve complex problems, communicate, and sharing news.