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Having decided to work with the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce and Industry you will receive:

  • professional consultations on issues regarding regulatory documents requirements of which your products must meet;
  • the opportunity to emerge on the Russian market with your product;
  • all the necessary documentation filed in any of Russia's Ministries or executive branch departments.

With assistance from the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce and Industry you will file the following documents quickly:

  • expert opinion from the State Environmental Control;
  • expert opinion on the phytosanitary status of facilities under quarantine;
  • import quarantine permit;
  • quarantine certificate;
  • license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade;
  • license from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control
  • fire safety declaration;
  • notification about good properties containing encryption (cryptographic) means;
  • exemption letter for fire safety
  • exemption letter from the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Certification
  • exemption letter from the State Committee of Radio Frequencies,
  • exemption letter for trading organisations (sales license)
  • test report (expert opinion) about the content of precious metals and precious stones;
  • test report on products containing alcohol;
  • protocol certification testing for radio-electronic devices;
  • permission for importing meat, fish and other products subject to veterinary inspection;
  • permission for the use of "Rostekhnadzor" (RTN).
  • Permission from Federal Radio Frequency Centre to import radio equipment to the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being permits given product compliance confirmation
  • decision on inclusion in the SCRF list (State Committee on Radio Frequency)